Sales Procedures


Our policy is to market our timber in such a way as to optimise our financial return from timber sales, whilst managing the forests in a sustainable manner.

We also encourage the development of healthy and competitive timber harvesting and wood processing industries in Great Britain.

Our sales methods are:

Long Term Contracts

Long-term contracts (LTCs) are typically five-year contracts. They are offered as standing or roadside sales. LTCs are tendered at a set volume, spread equally over the contract term. Price is typically revised annually on roadside contracts and on a lot-by-lot basis on standing contracts.

There are no plans to offer any further long-term contracts at present. We will continue to monitor and review the situation and will advertise any opportunities for further contracts should the need for more arise.

Electronic Tenders

The majority of our open market sales of timber are conducted electronically, via our eTimber Sales application. The principal format for competitive sales is electronic tender. We hope the majority of our customers benefit by, and be able to take advantage of, online timber purchasing.