Marketing Plan 2019-20


Following the closure of some Long Term Contracts, NRW has revised its 2018/19  timber sale plan, with more planned open sales. Please follow the link to the standing sale details.

The Marketing Plan 2019-20 (below) shows how we intend to allocate our total yearly volume production between the six online sales events. The volumes we plan to market at each sale event are also split between the Direct Production of round timber products and Standing Sales is also shown.

SALE DATE Averaged Proposed Volume
Standing Sales Roadside Sales of Log & Bar
27-Feb-19 117.7 16.7
24-Apr-19 117.7 16.7
26-Jun-19 117.7 16.7
 28-Aug-19 117.7 16.7
 30-Oct-19 117.7 16.7
18-Dec-19 117.7 16.7
26-Feb-20 117.7 16.7

* Volumes rounded to nearest 0.1k m3.