Safety in Contracts


The safety of people and the environment is paramount whenever we let a contract for work or timber sales. We need to be assured that all the work carried out for us fulfils this duty of care.

We ensure that the responsibilities of all parties involved in a contract are clear before the work starts, and that the work is conducted in a safe and workman like manner that protects people and the environment as the work takes place.

If we commission work directly, we are responsible for making sure that safe working methods and good practice are employed at all times. In some contracts such as civil engineering and timber sales, the other party or the contractor is responsible for the health and safety aspects of the work. Even so we must still meet every landowner responsibility for health and safety, known as a general duty of care.

For some while we, along with the Forestry Commission, have been working on refining the guidance for contract management where that concerns the arrangements for safety – both before work starts and whilst it is undertaken.

Safety will not improve unless everyone plays their part. Our Safe Conduct of Contracts guide explains how we aim to make sure that contractual responsibilities are clear and work is conducted safely. It also explains how we want to work with contractors to ensure that the work goes well and finishes on time, whilst also meeting all the safety requirements and fulfilling the duty of care to everyone using the forests.

Depending on the type of work, contractors should also be aware of our:

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